Chabad Israel Center invites you to a

סיום והכנסת ספר תורה

Sefer Torah Dedication

Of a Torah that was begun by the Sofer R' Moshe Shmuel Shmelka Segal A"H

& completed in his memory by his family after his passing

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Chabad Israel Center

44 Brunswick Street

Staten Island, NY

11:00AM Torah Completion

12:30PM Outdoor Torah Parade

1:15PM Hakofot & Dancing

2:00PM Festive Meal

The dedication of a new Torah scroll is traditionally celebrated with great festivity. A holiday-like atmosphere pervades the entire community; tachanun (penitential prayer) is not recited in the daily prayers. All attending the celebration dress in their holiday finest.

The final lines of the Torah are completed in the home of the one who has commissioned the Torah or in the synagogue. 

When the Torah is completed, the ink dried, and the final parchment panels sewn together, the Torah is wrapped in its mantle and other adornments. The Torah is then carried through the local streets to the synagogue in a grand procession, complete with music, singing and dancing. The Torah is carried under a chupah (canopy), accompanied by candles and torches to beautify the occasion.

The Torah is then brought in to the synagogue and what follows is very similar to the Simchat Torah eve hakafot ceremony. The Atah Hor’eita verses from the Simchat Torah liturgy are responsively chanted, with family and friends honored with leading the various verses. This is followed by Hakofot and joyous dancing. 

Like all festive mitzvah events, the dedication of the Torah is followed by a meal.

We invite the community to join us for this special event.  It is customary to sell the honor of writing the final letters of the Torah, with the funds raised earmarked for a local charity or synagogue. The scribe draws the outline of the final letters, and those who purchased the honor fill in the letters with quill and ink. To purchase the merit of filling in one of the final letters of the Torah and be part of the mitzvah of participating in the writing of a Sefer Torah, please fill out this form

The mitzvah of writing a Torah scroll is the last of the 613 mitzvot enumerated in the Torah. May its fulfillment also mark the completion of our mission here in exile, and herald the coming of Moshiach!