Torah Classes

Ancient Wisdom for Today's World
The cornerstone of Chabad-Lubavitch philosophy is its focus in education and study for men, women and children, regardless of affiliaton or background.
Chabad has seen education as the most effective way to enhance the prospects of the future, both for the individual and for the community.
Current Classes

Daily Chitas Chumash

Weekly Torah and Kabbala
Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on the weekly Torah portion. Drawing from the wisdom of the Talmud & Kabbalah, this class focuses on the relevance of the Torah in our modern lives.
Tanya: A Tale of Two Souls
Tanya is a basic and fundamental guide to Chassidic philosophy. It captures the deepest most abstract and profound mystical concepts of Torah and translates them into a tangible, comprehensible and inspirational approach to serving the Al-mighty.

Weekly Classes


Daily Chitas - Chumash and Tanya: 9:00am 


Daily Chitas - Chumash and Tanya: 8:20am

Women’s Tanya and Tea class – 8:30pm


Daily Chitas - Chumash and Tanya: 8:20am 


Daily Chitas - Chumash and Tanya: 8:20am


Daily Chitas - Chumash and Tanya: 8:20am

Men’s Torah class – 8:30pm


Ohr v'Chayut - Chassidut 8:30am