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The campaign

The mikvah is almost complete! Our goal is to raise $100,000 to finish building our mikvah and open it up.  The mikvah has modern and elegant exteriors and interiors, three preparation rooms, on site laundry facilities and enhanced high - tech security. This state of the art, beautiful facility will facilitate the observance of the special mitzvah of Family Purity. Your generous donation will help us reach our goal.


About the mikvah

Mikva is a most precious and beautiful mitzvah. There, enveloped by its living waters and immersed in its sanctity, one is transformed to a state of spiritual purity.

Mikva is a mitzvah that is crucial to Judaism. It is our past and future. It is basic and essential. Our Sages teach us that if a community cannot afford to build a mikva and maintain a synagogue, the mikva takes priority. If necessary we can pray in someone’s living room or even sell a Torah scroll in order to raise funds to build a mikvah.

The primary function of the mikvah today is its use in the observance of the Jewish “Family Purity” laws/Taharat Hamishpach. Jewish law forbids a married couple to have an intimate relationship while a woman is a niddah. Following her monthly menstrual cycle, the woman immerses in the mikvah, spiritually refreshing and spiritually boosting herself and her relationship with her husband and with the entire household.

Mikvah ensures the continuity of pure Jewish children, for generations to come.

mikvah is a ritual pool. Building a mikvah is a complicated, expensive project. Its extraordinary power is contingent on its construction in accordance with the numerous and complex specifications as outlined in halachah, Jewish law. Our new, pristine, fully-modern mikva facilities combine practical beauty with innate spirituality, allowing for an experience that is relaxing, rejuvenating and uplifting.

Five years ago, Chabad Israel Center located in Heartland Village, Staten Island began building a community mikvah. After much hard word, the construction is almost complete! Please join us and contribute to Campaign Finishing Touches so that the mikvah can be finished and opened up.  Your participation in this holy and special endeavor will give the gift of purity and holiness to the individual, the community and the Jewish people.




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