Chabad Israel Center of Staten Island has built a beautiful community mikvah. The mikvah for women is open by appointment only.



To reach the mikvah and to make an appointment, please call 718-877-7700.

The mikvah is located at 44 Brunswick Street, corner Richmond Hill Road in Heartland Village, Staten Island. The mikvah’s dedicated entrance is on Richmond Hill Road, next to Chabad Israel Center as the road slopes down, just beyond the trees. 

Appointments need to be made two days in advance.


$36 Appointment

$45 Emergency/Special arrangements appointment

Kallah - please call the mikvah

 A mikvah is a ritual pool constructed according to the exact specifications outlined in Jewish law. Immersion in a mikvah effects an elevation in status. Its waters have the power to spiritually transform and produce metamorphosis.

The primary function of the mikvah today is its use in the observance of the Jewish “Family Purity” laws. Following her monthly menstrual cycle, a woman immerses in the mikvah, spiritually refreshing and spiritually boosting herself and her relationship with her husband and with the entire household.

Our Sages teach us that building a mikvah is more important than erecting a synagogue! A community without a mikvah is a community without a future, as the mikvah ensures the continuity of pure Jewish children, for generations to come.

Building a mikvah is a complicated, expensive project. It involves a team of professionals, hundreds of hours of supervision by Rabbinical experts, and exact attention to myriad details. The combination of architectural marvel, Rabbinical expertise and lavish extravagance are truly a tribute to the power of the Jewish woman, who brings holiness into her home by using the mikvah.

The kosher mikvah contains about 250 gallons of pure rainwater, along with a comprehensive filtration system. In addition to adhering to the technical laws, the mikvah is beautiful, sanitary, inviting and offers a friendly positive experience.

The mikvah was built with the assistance of MikvaUSA. Chabad Mikvah Tahara has a Bor al gabei Bor according to the Chabad shita as well as Bor on the side. The mikah is under the supervision of Rabbi Yitzchok Trieger, shlit”a, Rosh Bais Din, Machon Shaarei Tohar,

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To learn more about mikvah, visit mikvah.org